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PE Reefs is located in Flekkefjord, Norway, and has been developing innovative artificial reefs since January 2013. The company includes personnel with high competence on PE plastic and marine biodiversity. Our vision is to be a leading provider of marine rehabilitation solutions worldwide.

PE Reefs highest priority is environmental sustainability trough biological and technical solutions. For biological solutions, it is all about creating a full scale ecosystem by satisfying every link in the food chain for marine diversity. For technical solutions,

All PE Reefs products are mobile. You never know which purposes the seabed may be utilized to in the future, throughout history there have been several examples of installations being lowered to the seabed and later become a financial problem when the area develops and have new purposes. PE Reefs also has the attribute of using recycled materials. Plastic waste is a huge problem on both land and sea. PE Reefs will use this recycled waste to enhance marine biodiversity and regenerate ecosystems all around the world