Marine Rehabilitation project in Flekkefjord, Norway.

PE Reefs has been working on organizing a marine rehabilitation project in cooperation with the government funded project Rene Listerfjorder (Clean Listerfjord). We are happy to announce that we have received funds from VRI Agder and Flekkefjord municipality and we are now ready to start the project. PE Reefs have big expectations to this project and we have used our science network to promote Flekkefjord as the "place to be" when it comes to marine rehabilitation. The science community are excited and later this year scientists from Norway, Sweden and Australia will gather in Flekkefjord to plan the upcomming project. 


Rene Listerfjorder, contaminated seabed project:

Due to heavily contamined seabed inside the city basin of Flekkefjord the government has decided to clean it up by dredging the seabed and isolate the contaminaed substances. After dredging operation they will cover the seabed with sand to isolate any residues. This operation will leave a new and healthy seabed, but unfortunately the flat sand seabed is not fitted for marine growth and biodiversity.

PE Reefs wants to take this rehabilitation to the next level by installing artificial reefs, thereby creating a rich and healthy ecosystem inside the city basin. The reefs will not only increase the biodiversity but also perform natural cleansing of the water which is of poor quality due to years of contamination and lack of water exchange.


Flekkefjord is PE Reefs hometown and our vision is to establish our town as a center for aquaculture and marine rehabilitation. Trough this project we will also create fishing and snorkling/diving destinations next to the city center, making it easily accessible for citizens to explore marine species and hopefully generate interest for aquaculture and growth of new entrepeneurs!


Participants: PE Reefs, Lister Nyskapning, Rene Listerfjorder, Flekkefjord municipality, VRI Agder and scientists lead by Olivia Langhame (NTNU).

More local entrepeneurs will also be invited to join the project.

MACROSEA granted 2.6 million euro for industrial seaweed cultivation

PE Reefs is a proud member of SINTEF's MACROSEA group which was granted 2.6 million euro to develope a sustainable seaweed cultivation method. We are looking forward to contribute to the project and take seaweed cultivation to the next level.

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New marine industry emerges in South of Norway

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New website launched

PE Reefs are pleased to be able to launch the new company website. We hope the new site is informative and easy to navigate and that it makes you curious about our world underneath the sea surface. Thanks to Justina Lapukaite for designing the new logo and graphic profile and to Dipolis for designing and programming the website.

Enjoy, and do not hesitate to contact PE Reefs if you are interested in new and innovative solutions for seabed rehabilitation.