Mobility for customer needs

The PE Reef solution is mobile. This makes the product well suited for various markets and customer needs. Through history there has been several examples of criticism against artificial reefs being dumped to the seabed that are too expensive to pick up or move if the situation requires it. The lack of mobility also prevent the use of artificial reefs in various industry markets where mobility is crucial due to maintenance and operation of an active industrial area. PE Reefs have developed a product that uses an effective and cost saving solution for mobility. We can do the whole operation from towing the product from quayside to location, lowering it to the seabed and raising it for reocation,only using a conventional small motorboat.


PE Reefs can take care of the complete installation of the reef modules from quay side to sea-bottom. We use experienced partners for all processes to ensure an efficient and successful installation. The reef will be assembled and ballasted on a quayside near the installation location. After assembly the reef will be set to towing mode and the buoyancy system will then be activated. After activation of the buoyancy system the Reef is lifted to the sea surface, ready for towing. Unlike similar products, the towing processes does not require a sophisticated vessels and can be done using a conventional motorboat. When on location, the reef is submerged under controlled conditions by regulating the buoyancy. If the situation should require it, the reef can easily be raised to the surface again and hooked up to a towing vessel for relocation.



Installation of PE Reefs requires divers to observe the installation and report to surface team to ensure a secure operation. The divers will also be responsible for the final installation and localization of the reef module and of securing the module to the sea bed. PE Reefs will use local certified divers for installation of the reef.