Artificial reefs for seabed rehabilitation

The EcoUrchin

The company’s artificial reef has been named the “EcoUrchin” due to its purpose of creating an ecosystem and the resemblance of a giant sea urchin. The product is made of high density PE plastic (polyethylene). All welds are mirror welded after Norwegian industry regulations for plastic welding. The choice of material and production method makes the product extremely strong and well suited for harsh marine sub-sea environments.

Continuous research is made on the product and the beneficial effects it has on the seabed and the aquatic fauna. More and more data is gathered and analysed showing without a doubt that this kind of artificial reef has a good impact when installed in areas that are otherwise almost devoid of life.

We truly believe we have the most environmental friendly product of its kind in the world. Please contact us for a proposal suited to your specific needs.

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Benefits and features

Biological specification

The EcoUrchin is designed to create as much surface as possible and to give various shelters to the different species of marine organisms. By creating surface the reef produces a huge amount of growth foundation for crustaceans and marine fauna. Crustaceans will settle down on the reef and so on create an intensive nutrition source for the rest of the ecosystem. In other words, the EcoUrchin can nurture an artificial amount of marine organisms compared to the space it uses on the seabed.

  • Designed to create as much surface as possible. More surface more fouling more shelter more nutrition.
  • The dominant size of the reef naturally attracts marine life.
  • Imitates hard bottom habitat for growth of marine fauna.
  • Designed to nurture and shelter all species and sizes of fish. Custom made habitat for benthic species.

Seabed Rehabilitation?

Conventional seabed rehabilitation includes dredging of contaminated seabed with a cover of sand in the end. This leaves a healthy seabed but the flat sand is missing structure and is therefore not fitted for marine growth.PE Reefs have developed a product that will take the rehabilitation to the next level and make sure that these new areas are suited for a more complex ecosystem and recruitment of marine organisms.

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